Monday, January 17, 2011

Player Profile: Dana Raja

Ice Grill, USA cameo star Dana Raja gets some shine this month. Bringing NYC swagger and yellow stilettos to the table as Ali Frasier's arm candy dimepiece, Ms. Raja made her mark on the male-dominant, testosterone-soaked landscape that is IGU's Atlantic City. Sharp as she is lovely, Dana has her sights set on doing work on both sides of the camera with her audacious debut written project All American Trash coming into form, soon destined for a screen near you.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York of Albanian and Puerto Rican descent, Dana graduated from Pace University with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Getting a taste of showbiz in her youth as a child model, she later studied at Stella Adler & Upright Citizens Bridage Theater to get back in to the game. She most recently landed a spot in the film East Fifth Bliss starring Dexter's Michael C. Hall.

Player Profile: John Antorino

John Antorino is Jersey through and through. The product of a single parent home, John epitomizes the hustle and determination necessary to break out of the Atlantic City cycle and to create a greater reality for yourself. Initially cast in the part of Neil Milano, when his character was cut creating the final IGU shooting script, John stepped up as a featured extra and stole the show.

A working model on both coasts who has been featured in prominent places like Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and MuscleMag, John has crossed over to film work and can be found in Light's Out on FX as well as in the big budget movie sequel Sex in the City 2.
A product of the aspirational essence at the heart of Ice Grill, USA, John's tenacity, profession
alism and hard work will no doubt vault him to big things.