Saturday, May 30, 2009

"IGU Slanguage"

Here's a few words unique to "Ice Grill, USA" and the Atlantic City area in general. Feel free to use them at your discretion...

shoobies- out-of-towners vacationing in Atlantic County. Named as such for bringing their belongings to the beach in a shoe box.
bupies- Buprenex aka buprenorphine. Preloaded syringes of synthetic opiate painkiller. Similar to morphine.
B-More Greasy- Tony's Baltimore Grill. Iconic Atlantic City restaurant. 2800 Atlantic Ave. Home to some of the best pizza in the known world.
safe boy- non-threatening male trusted to keep tabs on your woman.
tweaker- one addicted to painkillers or recreational drugs.
geebers- GHB or gamma butyrolactone. Date rape drug originally popularized by bodybuilders.
axe wound- derogatory term for female genitalia.
the god's staff- self-aggrandizing term for for male genitalia.
roxies- Roxicet. Opiate painkiller pills chemically similar to percs.
Ho Spit- nickname for major Atlantic County Catholic high school.
percs- Percocet. Opiate painkiller pills combining oxycodone and acetaminophen.
back of the house- employee-only access portions of a casino. See also the female anus.
math- Private phone numbers and contact info.
ganked- Stolen by force. See also jacked or vicked.
dirty rottens- Negative term for female club-goers. Term coined by the late John Rock.
vikes- Vicodin. Opiate painkiller pills chemically similar to percs and roxies.
wolves- predatory males.
Men's Wearhouse- Male casino executives. See also Today's Man.