Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Big June for IGU

After a busy June that had Ice Grill, USA screening 5 times in Long Beach Island, Hoboken, Philadelphia and Detroit, IGU closed out the month by taking home Best Feature at Philadelphia's new celebration of multicultural film, the 2010 Urban Suburban Film Festival.

Here's a link to Urban Suburban's award winners:

Also, a link to staff photographer Alex Errico's phenomenal pictures from the event at the beautiful Hilton on City Ave. in Philadelphia. This album can be found on the IGU Facebook fan page:

The entire Enlightened Party family would like to thank George, Andrew and the rest of the crew at Urban Suburban for their hospitality and for bestowing this honor upon our film.

June also found Ice Grill, USA featured in several Jersey media outlets including the prestigious Asbury Park Press. The APP piece included quotes like, "What elevates Ice Grill, USA above so many other street wannabes and Scorsese knock-offs is a searing devotion to authenticity... Forged through blood, sweat and tears, the film is a macrocosm of the American Dream that its characters strive for."

To read the rest of Stephen Bove's stirring IGU review, check it out here at Jersey Shore

Ray Schweibert also covered IGU's Philly win in the hometown periodical Atlantic City Weekly. Here's the link: